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Style Inspiration: The Long Coat and That’s My Boyfriend (Jeans)

When spring comes around… Yes, I just heard about the massive snowstorm headed to the East Coast. Not fun. And I’ve been there–back when we lived in MN. I remember having to actually dig ourselves out of the front door. Even so, that didn’t bother me as much as the sub-zero temps. There were times when I thought

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Style Inspiration: A Sweet Take on the Denim Skirt

Just thinking back to when Ayden was a little guy… Holidays have always been super low-key for us. On Mother’s Day, we’d usually find ourselves at a buffet of some sorts. Things haven’t changed much. Except, now we have so many more choices for dining. This year, we’re planning a staycation and will be heading south

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Style Inspiration: Sunday Brunch at the Raymond 1886 Restaurant

Happy Monday all! Hope you had a fantastic Easter weekend! Ours was great:) We had a two in one celebration this year… It just so happened that my birthday fell on the same day as Easter–which made for easy planning on hubs. Getting dressed meant it had to be appropriate for church then off to brunch with

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Style Inspiration: Pink Candy Coated Coats

First, I’d like to apologize to all reading from snowy winter territory… I realize open-toe sandals would be completely out of the question right now, but temps in Cali are warming up. So heels it is. Today, we’re talking about a cold weather favorite: the pink coat. Typically, anything soft and pastel would be reserved for spring. How great

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Style Inspiration: The Lace Midi + Black and White Graphics

I knew it wouldn’t take long to go back to my favorite black and white pieces. There’s something about graphic prints that feel fresh and modern no matter the season.This was my office style which transitioned into dinner with the family. I don’t think a lace midi skirt would cut it in a traditional work

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Style Inspiration: Autumn Dressing

It was amazingly cool this weekend. Brought me right back to moments in MN when we took Ayden to the apple orchards–picking pumpkins and being in layers. We’ve waited so patiently, and now we finally have fall. Defining yesterday’s look: totally laid-back with a bit of boho influence. I definitely strayed from my usual clean

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Style Inspiration: Can We Meet in the Midi (Skirt)

I never thought skirts would be my thing…  But after trying out some of this season’s midi, I can honestly say they’re my new favorites. The full swingy styles have this glamorous vibe and pencil skirts are super flattering.For a day at the office (mobile of course), I like to be as comfortable as possible.

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Style Inspiration: In Love With Black and White

What a day we’re having here in LA. We’ve been expecting rain all week. I’m savoring every moment of it before heading out to MN. I’ll be spending some time with my Twin Cities’ clients to get ready for spring. Looking forward to it!In this style inspiration, I decided on a palette of black and

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Style Inspiration: Check Please!

Happy Friday everyone! It has been such a fun work week and the weather has been amazing. I’m sorry to hear my friends back home in MN are facing another winter storm. I don’t know what’s happening with the weather this year, but it definitely needs to warm up soon. Hopefully, the snow clears out

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Style Inspiration: Lunch Date With My Valentines

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t have asked for a more special day with my family. We had lunch reservations at this cute little restaurant in Hollywood, Off Vine. It totally reminds me of the house in “UP”. Imagine Mr. Fredricksen and his yellow house surrounded by giant buildings. This could

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