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Mens Style Inspiration: Nordic Knits for the Holidays

Hope you all had a great weekend! Hubby’s birthday is just around the corner, so we took him out for a special brunch yesterday. We’re still exploring the Twin Cities and have discovered some really chic places to dine. The Copper Hen in Minneapolis was the perfect spot to celebrate. So good! Highly recommend it. My husband was

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Mens Style Inspiration: How to Wear Plaid for the Holidays

Hope you’re all staying warm. It has gotten extremely cold here–something we haven’t experienced in years. I think we’re adjusting pretty well though. And all the snow will be amazing this holiday season. Speaking of, it’s been so much fun watching Ayden and his dad shoveling together. When he was a little guy, he would get all bundled up and

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Mens Style Inspiration: Holiday and Wine

Hello, hellooo… Are you counting down yet? It seems like it’s all going too fast. But I am happy to report that all of our gifts have been sent, and now it’s time to finish up on the guys. Big relief! I can actually breathe now–they’re easy. And maybe focus on some upcoming holiday parties. In

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Mens Style Inspiration: Take Me to Church

We’re taking you to church with this style inspiration… I think Christmas service unlike any other Sunday should be much more dressed up. I notice plenty of men in their suits and ties. Although, that would be too much for my husband. Fortunately, our church is fairly casual–which means jeans are still appropriate. Perfect for hubby who loathes the

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Mens Style Inspiration: Holiday Party at Your Place

The holidays are here… Starting now through New Years, it’s going to be one party after another. From office celebrations to Christmas at home, I’ll be working up a few style inspirations to get you set for your day. First up, something for the fellas. For the guy who likes to keep it low-key, this sportcoat and

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