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Style Inspiration: Gorgeous Florals for Valentine’s Day

What a weekend… We’re still talking about that interception by Butler. The thing is, we were kind of indifferent about the teams in the Super Bowl (should have been Green Bay). But it was a great game. Don’t be mad Midwest family… The Patriots just picked up another fan. Okay, back to VDay mode. It’s next weekend

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Style Inspiration: Pink Candy Coated Coats

First, I’d like to apologize to all reading from snowy winter territory… I realize open-toe sandals would be completely out of the question right now, but temps in Cali are warming up. So heels it is. Today, we’re talking about a cold weather favorite: the pink coat. Typically, anything soft and pastel would be reserved for spring. How great

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Style Inspiration: It’s Cardigan Season

Is it Friday already? What a week it has been. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week just wrapped up. There were so many new designers that I wanted to preview, but wasn’t able to make it. It’s always an exciting time for fashion, and just being in New York is an experience. Although, in this day and

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Style Inspiration: The White Summer Jacket + Ripped Jeans

Interesting shoot yesterday…  I don’t think there’s ever a lack of things happening when you’re in Hollywood. We had fire trucks driving by, people honking and waving, and a lady even rolled down her window to chat with us. Really friendly, but a bit distracting. Always fun!The Look: Super casual. When I’m with my family,

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