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Mens Style Inspiration: Nordic Knits for the Holidays

Hope you all had a great weekend! Hubby’s birthday is just around the corner, so we took him out for a special brunch yesterday. We’re still exploring the Twin Cities and have discovered some really chic places to dine. The Copper Hen in Minneapolis was the perfect spot to celebrate. So good! Highly recommend it. My husband was

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Mens Style Inspiration: New Year’s Eve on the Ice

Change of plans… After a day on the ice, we’ll be back at it again this afternoon. This time, I will actually be joining the guys. According to my husband, I’m the least adventurous person. I totally disagree. So this year, I’m determined to prove him wrong. I’ll admit, we won’t miss the hustle and

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Mens Style Inspiration: The Road to Ojai

Hello everyone! Thanks for hanging in there while I’ve been away. Every fall season, I take a trip to the Twin Cities to see my clients. Loved seeing them, and of course, it’s always a whirlwind. So excited for everyone and their wardrobes. Jackets, chunky sweaters, boots… I’m completely jealous. Okay, more thrilled than jealous. Thanks to

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Mens Style Inspiration: The Casual Friday Edition

Happy weekend everyone! It’s raining it LA!!! Not just rain, but we’re having all out thunderstorms. What a gift. My mother-in-law is also visiting from Wisconsin. We’ll be celebrating Ayden’s last and final 13th birthday today. I don’t think he’s complaining. But yayyyy! In this men’s inspiration, we headed to Pasadena for another round of dim sum.  There’s

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