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Style Inspiration: A Sweet Take on the Denim Skirt

Just thinking back to when Ayden was a little guy… Holidays have always been super low-key for us. On Mother’s Day, we’d usually find ourselves at a buffet of some sorts. Things haven’t changed much. Except, now we have so many more choices for dining. This year, we’re planning a staycation and will be heading south

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Style Inspiration: The White Summer Jacket + Ripped Jeans

Interesting shoot yesterday…  I don’t think there’s ever a lack of things happening when you’re in Hollywood. We had fire trucks driving by, people honking and waving, and a lady even rolled down her window to chat with us. Really friendly, but a bit distracting. Always fun!The Look: Super casual. When I’m with my family,

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Style Inspiration: Can We Meet in the Midi (Skirt)

I never thought skirts would be my thing…  But after trying out some of this season’s midi, I can honestly say they’re my new favorites. The full swingy styles have this glamorous vibe and pencil skirts are super flattering.For a day at the office (mobile of course), I like to be as comfortable as possible.

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Style Inspiration: A Family Holiday Night Out

I don’t know where this month has gone. Seems like we’ve been busy with one event or another. Just last week, we celebrated my husband’s birthday. We had dinner at BAO DimSumHouse, one of our favorites. Then caught the production of The Lion King at The Pantages Theatre. It was the most spectacular show we’ve

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Style Inspiration: Welcome to Chinatown

Sweatshirt and jeans… Remember when these two things weren’t considered all that amazing? As trends would have it–sweatshirts are making a comeback. No complaints here. I’m all for having easy, go-to choices in my wardrobe. As a mom, I am beyond thrilled. And it was perfect for our chill day in Chinatown. We love touring

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Style Inspiration: Island Sprinkles

We’ve just arrived from Hawaii… How quickly a few days go. It’s probably one of our favorite places to visit–each time leaving with great family memories. Our first day was reserved for the beach. My husband and son love to snorkel, and couldn’t wait to swim with the turtles. They were out there for hours–finding

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Style Inspiration: Bodycon for Day

I have to admit, I had reservations about buying a dress this short and body-hugging. It’s not a silhouette I tend to gravitate to. Because, when you know what works for you–you stick to it. But the print on this piece really grabbed my attention.I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with this one.

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