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Mens Style Inspiration: The Perfect Snow Day Boots

Our first snow day of the year!!! It’s not even Halloween yet. But I’m not complaining… Hope you had a chance to get out there and enjoy it. We couldn’t help ourselves. It was so fluffy and stunning! I loved how the fall colors were still peeking through the snow. To be amongst the trees and stillness

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Mens Style Inspiration: Turtlenecks and Chukkas

It seems like we’re finally getting some of that cool air. Thank goodness… Because helloooo sweater weather! Men, this is such a chic combo for fall. Get the Look: Lunch date or dinner ready. Guys, this season, we need to revisit the turtleneck. I realize not everyone is going to love the idea of all that fabric around

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Mens Style Inspiration: What to Wear for Mom’s Day Brunch

It’s time to break out the chinos, fellas! This is such a warm weather gotta have it–perfect for so many events. I am beyond about this one… Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, hubby couldn’t say, “no” to these pants. Although, it did take some major pleading on my part to make it

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Mens Style Inspiration: The Classic Polo Shirt

We’re entering new territory today… If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know hubby likes to give me a hard time about what he wears. The fact that I dress people for a living bears no weight on the matter. Or maybe he just likes to see me cringe? Anyways, I think these posts have been helping,

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