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Style Inspiration: In the Colors of the Season for Christmas

We’re so close… I’ve just finished up on holiday looks for my girls (guys too), and now it’s count down time. Ayden’s been asking nearly every day since break, “How many days until Christmas?” I can’t remember the last time he’s been this excited. Poor kid… Hubby’s been giving him such a hard time about Santa.

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Style Inspiration: Chambray for Family Date Night

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend! Right now, I’m just looking forward to having takeout and movie night. Then, of course, Emmys tomorrow! Last night was great… My family and I were able to spend some time in West Hollywood for dinner. You know we love to eat. But lately, there’s been more to it. Remember that ‘go with

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Style Inspiration: Skate Park + Leather Sneakers

Remember back in the day? You know, after the club it was the after party and everyone met at the local diner? Aaahhh, how things have changed. I’m tired just thinking about it. These days, we prefer low-key nights and lazy weekends. Having Ayden definitely slowed things down. Although, now that he’s practically a teenager (he hates it when

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Style Inspiration: Kickin It With Peter Pilotto for Target

I know it’s winter, but our days are already feeling a lot like spring. Adding a light layer or jacket would have been too much (not complaining).This is my “work” style and it’s perfect for running around town. I’m still getting a ton of wear from my leather leggings this season. It’s so easy with

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Style Inspiration: Leather Leggings + Moto Jacket

The best thing about fall is being able to play with layers. Although on this day, I would have preferred less than more. Temps were much warmer than expected. Fortunately, we were able to find a great shaded location to finish the shoot.Daytime, I usually find myself in tees and jeans. Going with leather leggings

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Style Inspiration: Mixing Fall Plaids + Leather

More leather talk… I’ll be styling these faux leather leggings by BLANKNYC three ways for the blog. It has given me so many options this fall–the fit is incredible.I did some digging in the closet for some old favorites. This army style jacket seems to make an appearance every year. The design is really great and I

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Style Inspiration: Welcome Spring

Gauging from my husband’s reaction to this outfit, I was a little nervous about how the kids would respond. Yes, it’s bright and colorful, but what better way to usher in spring? I thought it was fitting. Kids at this age are nothing but honest. If they don’t like something, you’ll know about it. So, it

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Style Inspiration: Falling in Love With Lace

Fall… Where are you???!!! As you can see, the folks here in Cali are still experiencing quite a heat wave this week. There’s been no sign of a cool down (at least in our area). Most people would be ecstatic. Me?? I’ve had enough. My jackets and cardis are dying for some action. But I’ll

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Style Inspiration: Fashion’s Night Out Los Angeles

Fashion’s Night Out, now in its third year was celebrated across the globe last night. From Australia to the United Kingdom; New York to Los Angeles, fashion lovers hit the town for an evening of parties and shopping.Being it was a Thursday night (school night), we almost didn’t make it out. Rush to do homework…

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