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Hello 40’s!!!

Side note today… I wanted to talk about something not often discussed. And that’s my age. Not that being over 40 is anything to be embarrassed about–just that I felt it didn’t matter. Most of my personal clients already know the actual number–this is no surprise to them.

So why now? Well, the past couple of weeks have been in many ways transformative for me.

While we were in New York for fashion week, I had just suffered another miscarriage. We were 9 weeks along and pregnant with twins.

There was no official announcement made to family and friends. We wanted to wait until it was safe to share. The pregnancy itself was a huge surprise to us as well. As you know, we experienced a miscarriage around the same time last year. We never imagined I would get pregnant so soon.

Reality check… This is our third loss (4th with twins). And it’s hard. What I’ve come to realize at my age, it’s to be expected. We knew what we were up against but were determined to beat the odds.

For those trying and in my age category, I don’t want to discourage you in your journey. For me, this latest miscarriage was a moment of self-discovery. How many more times did we want to go through this? I’m now in a place to move on.

Our son Ayden is 15 years old. He’s our only child, and we are blessed to have a healthy and amazing kid. He’s enough.

I also confessed recently how my style has evolved. That too has everything to do with age, and I’ve embraced it. Because in your 20’s, fashion was about what to wear to the clubs. Impressing that cute guy. We’re so far from that now. More concerning, “Is this appropriate for his homecoming game?” Or “What should we wear on vacation?” Most importantly, “Will this embarrass my kid?”

The hopes of a pregnancy blog are gone. But shifting to what works for this aspect of our lives… I’m all for it. As we head into a new season, so will the blog with a focus on styles and inspirations suited for fashion fans of our age and beyond.

Thanks so much for reading! Sometimes it’s difficult to share these very personal moments. But I think it’s important to always be authentic. Appreciate your support:)





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