New Year, New City

Happy 2017 everyone!!! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. After a couple weeks off, we’re finally getting back into the swing of things.

I think we all needed a little vacation. My family and I are still adjusting to our new surroundings. It’s not totally new, but we’ve been gone for several years. There’s been so many great additions to the Twin Cities as well as familiar ones.

This NYE, we headed to downtown St. Paul for an evening on the ice. We’ve never done that before here, and it was amazing. Yes, it was cold. But we were together, and it was perfect.

We also celebrated with our families this Christmas. I’m thankful to be closer to everyone. As you know, just a few months ago, we experienced the loss of our baby girl. There have been some challenging moments this holiday. But having them close has been a tremendous comfort.

With the New Year, we’re hoping for new beginnings. And we want to wish all of you an amazing, healthy, and blissful 2017! Thank you for always stopping in and reading the blog. And to my clients, my deepest gratitude for your continued support. We’re so happy to be back!















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